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ISO 9001:2008 Certification


  • Power electronics
  • Complex electronic boards
  • Test bench
  • Obsolescence & maintenance management

MES was founded in 1989 around our first core business, the power electronic. Our company relies on technicians and engineers, as some of them have 25 years of experience.

We have proven expertise in design, engineering and manufacture of power systems and are qualified to meet the specific requirements of many industries and their associated environmental standards as well as at the highest levels of quality demanded by our major accounts customers.

As part of our project management structure, we can propose you projects respecting DO 254 & DO 178 depending on the DAL you want.

We have been able to achieve:

  • Power supplies for harsh areas such as military, medical, airport, satellite area, aerospace...
  • Energy piping system for military radar
  • Integration of power supply bays
  • Charger / converter
  • Test benches
  • Electronic loads
  • Dielectric bench
  • Megger...

For many years, MES has been providing design, development, industrialization and manufacturing monitoring of complex boards based on microcontroller (Virtex 5 with PowerPC, INTEL family...), microprocessor (DSP, FPGA...)

On the development of FPGA, we can develop on XILINX (VIRTEX, SPARTAN), ALTERA, ACTEL, LATTICE...

We integrate in our boards fast buses of several hundred megahertz and control the issues of controlled impedance. We handle all the environmental qualification whether aeronautical, medical, military or railway environments.

We have been able to achieve:

  • Power system control boards for military sonar
  • Synchronous machine control boards...
  • Management of harmonics and subharmonics for very high precision AC source
  • etc.

As part of project management structure, we can propose you projects respecting DO 254 & DO 178 depending on the DAL you want.

MES Company has developed over many years expertise in the design and manufacture of test benches for major accounts in sectors as diverse as aerospace, military, airport, cars and aeronautic. Our skills include trades of IT, electronics, wiring, data acquisition, mechanics engineering, climatic, hydraulic and specific systems development.

Here are some recent accomplishments:

  • Development of two test benches for satellite, the first reproduces the illumination of the sun facing a subset of satellite; the second makes a satellite subset micrometrically move over several axes
  • Development of a test bench to reproduce the hyperfrequency stage of a radar
  • Development of a test bench to test a military camera...

We have a very structured project methodology in the context of these developments.

For our obsolescence management business, we are now seeing a significant increase of obsolescence cases about equipment in different industries and sectors including military, aerospace, transportation and energy. This mainly affects the electronic systems.

In addition, optimization's cost today causes the principals to study the replacement of a compatible subset rather than the overall replacement of a complex system.

As such, we work in this field along with our customers to offer two kinds of solutions:

  • Either we act in "black box" and we propose to replace the system or subsystem with a subset that is significantly different from the original subsystem but that doesn't present medium-term risk of obsolescence anymore: this "box" meets the mechanical, electrical, electronic, environmental constraints, and of course the original system's interfaces are preserved.
  • Or we remanufacture the identical system

Examples of obsolescence management:

  • Thyristors controlling system for nuclear submarine
  • Control system for military sonar
  • Power module for medical systems...

For these obsolescence management projects, we apply the same structured approach to project management for development of an entirely new product.

For our maintenance business, we have a strong expertise in power electronics and digital electronic boards.

We operate on:

  • Multi-power military
  • H-4 X-ray medical devices dial bridges
  • Inverters for military air base
  • Communication boards...

About the systems in maintenance management, we assure you a follow-up telling you the date of receipt in our office, the date of expertise, and the date of repair.