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Magnetism and high stability power supplies

Our products are intended for scientific applications, especially for the magnetic applications where the power has to be treated with the requirements of the metrology.

Our range includes unipolar and bipolar high stability power supplies for electromagnets, specific magnets and specific products with metrological quality.


  • High stability power supplies
  • Electromagnets
  • Spécial products

The high stability supplies exist in 2-quadrant unipolar and 4-quadrant bipolar power supplies, for resistive or superconducting electromagnets. They cover a range from some W to tens of kW.

They are characterized by a high stability level (ranges 100 ppm, 10 ppm, 1 pm) and a very low noise level.

Various options are available: digital interface, magnetic field regulation, slope set points, etc…

2-quadrant unipolar magnet power supply
4-quadrant bipolar magnet power supply
Power supply for superconductive magnets
Magnetic field regulation

MES propose laboratory magnets for specific applications:

High homogeneity electro-restrictive magnets, Helmholtz coils, solenoids, special magnetic frames, special coils, rotating field devices, high frequency magnets with their supply (until 1 kHz), studies and implementation of correction coils and gradient coils, etc...

Electromagnet MESEM80
Electromagnet MESEM100
Electromagnet MESEM150
Electromagnet MESEMPP
Electromagnets for AFMs(Atomic Force Microscopes)

Feel free to contact us for specific products relating to the power and the metrology.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the special products that MES can offer.

Spectrometer source rack
High stability steerable VHV source
Current to voltage converter
Hall effect probe
High stability power shunts