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ISO 9001:2008 Certification


  • Power electronics
  • Complex electronic boards
  • Test bench
  • Obsolescence and maintenance management
(THALES) Study, prototype design and pre-production for an airport radar power system.
(THALES) Power feeding, control software & diagnostic of "Le Normandie" radar onboard "Le Monge" boat.
(DCNS) Satellite telemetry for the "Charles de GAULLE" aircraft carrier and submarine frigates "Le MontCalm" and "Le Jean DE VIENNE".
(THALES) Design and implementation of a power supply placed under a radome, as part of a satellite communication station development.
(THALES) Design and implementation of a power supply, as part of a satellite communication station development.
(THALES) Study & manufacturing of a subset power system + microwave frequency cards for a military radar.
(DCNS) Design and implementation of a submarine's sonar power supply.
(THALES) Development of an interface expansion board including FPGA put up with a ALTERA DE4 board in order to test an ASIC.
(THALES) DIODON / SAWARI project: Development of a control system for a military sonar's power unit.
(THALES) Board including 2 Cyclone III FPGA for a satellite communication station.
(THALES) High frequency SWITCH card and a control card which include a PIC32 μController. It provides 1GHz frame multiplexing in order to direct 42 input to 12 output.
High accuracy AC source. Generation and high accuracy control of the power sine wave via an Altera FPGA-based card.
Synchronous machine control card, based on a Xiling SPARTAN FPGA:
  • Current value supplied to the engine calculated to control « g cos(b) » torque
  • Position calculated through coding wheel control
(THALES ALENIA SPACE) POWER PS Satellite test bench: Reproduces the satellite bus in order to stimulate the payload.
(ZODIAC AEROSPACE) Switch and indicator lights test bench for cockpit dashboard, designed together with EMI-SEPAME.
(THALES) Test bench for a gyroscope's spinning wheel.
  • Complete redesign of a bench and its five electronic cards from an obsolete reference.
  • Allow to test two different kinds of gyroscope's spinning wheels
  • Supplies spinning wheels and tests during vibration
(THALES ALENIA SPACE) RIS test bench: bench including two lights (30W & 100W) and made to supply the lights and an iris diaphragm for each of them.The diaphragm provides light beam adjustment. Lights are supplied with high stability & accuracy power supplies.
(THALES ALENIA SPACE) MANIPULATOR test bench : bench designed to control vertically or horizontally an on-rail pedestal with a 500 microns accuracy. The pedestal is designed to be able to hold a device while it is being tested. It is dedicated to the space environment.
(SAFRAN) Study and development of a load drawer RL integrated into a test bench which is meant to test a Fly Control System's sub-assembly (270VDC, 115VAC three-phase synchronous power supply)
(THALES) MEL 3200PS power supply test bench. Allows MEL 3200 PS Power supply testing. Supplies the MEL 3200 PS card while in test, provides command signals, static and dynamic load.
Military camera test bench. Allows camera testing in a fragmented way ; all electronic cards of the camera are tested.
(DCNS) Obsolescence management of a Thyristor driving system for a nuclear submarine.
(THALES) Military sonar command system obsolescence management. Eight command cards replaced by a single card.
(GE HEALTHCARE) Video & Power cards designed to be mechanically and electrically compatible.
(GE ENERGY) 40V / 100A GE Energy bays : 19 inch rack Thyristor Technology.
(INEO DEFENSE ET SECURITE) Power system for a military air base.
The maintenance & testing department is able to operate in :
  • Maintenance and test of small, medium or large series in operating conditions
  • Complex systems maintenance in operating conditions
  • Obsolescence management with an identical substitute or a « black box » system